Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Primal Plate: A Healthy Start

Are you a voyeur? Do you try to sneak peeks into the neighbor's living room when you're walking past? Don't lie, we all do. But more tempting to me than peeking through your living room drapes is ogling your plate. But do you also crane your neck checking out other diners' selections as the waiter serves the table next to you? If so, then here I am, leaving my kitchen blinds up for you to peek.

Particularly interesting to observe are those who buck the system and reject the standard American diet (SAD). I have committed to eating by the principles of the Primal Blueprint: a version of the Paleo diet developed and popularized by Mark Sisson at Mark's Daily Apple. I was first introduced to this diet by the book The Paleo Diet by Loren Cordain, first published more than 15 years ago. My background in anthropology and curiosity first lead me to the subject, and after reading the book I found many other wonderful resources. I immediately implemented some changes in my diet, and after reading Mark Sisson's seminal book The Primal Blueprint, I knew that this could be solution I have been searching for and a fundamental change to the way I eat for a lifetime. But before I turn this into a manifesto on why I chose a Primal way of life, let's move on to the healthy start I wanted to share with you.

This morning, I decided to start documenting my meals and I'm calling it "Primal Plate." My intention is to post my meals almost every day, with as many pictures as possible. I enjoy seeing what other people eat in a day: what their routines are, how tasty their meals look, how clean their kitchen is, what they snack on, and of course, if they're a better cook. I will try to document as many days in food as I can, especially now since Jeremiah and I have decided to go 100% Primal. While it was interesting to see the before and after of my breakfast, and to take some extra time measuring the ingredients, I'm not sure I can keep up this level of detail every day, especially the photos. This is Jeremiah telling me to "hurry up and eat already" last night at dinner. He was not amused.

Breakfast: Scrambled eggs with tomato, cheese, scallions, and avocado; sauteed kale with onions; bacon; cantaloup; coffee

Starting with the onions

Adding in the kale - TOO much kale

Yum! I did choke down that much kale, but next time I will only make half that.

Snack: 1 oz cheese; celery with almond butter

Dinner: salad with simple EVOO and white balsamic vinegar dressing; assorted veggies (those are radishes and tomatoes on either side of the peeled cuc); grilled chicken breast marinated in Italian dressing; sunflower seeds; wine


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